Grade 3, Light Duty, 3 or 4 Sizes 500 Series

The 500 Series Door Closer is a grade 3, light duty cast aluminum surface applied door closer, designed for interior commercial use and comes with hardware for all installation applications. This closer complies with ANSI A156.4, UL/ULC listed up to three hours fire rated. It comes in a size 3 or size 4 for most standard door openings. Other finishes available.
  • Performance

    Complies with ANSI A156.4

    Grade 3 – 500,000 cycles

    UL/ULC listed up to 3 hours fire rated

  • Chassis

    Cast aluminum

  • Handing


  • Mounting

    Tri-Pack – regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications

  • Arm

    Stamped steel

    Accommodates up to 3 ¼" reveals

    Adjustable extension arm

  • Spring Power

    Size 3 or Size 4, non-adjustable

  • Valves

    Adjustable, independent

    Non-critical – sweep and latch

    Consistent closing speeds

  • Fasteners

    Metal screws included for hollow metal and aluminum mounting applications

    Wood screws included for wood door mounting applications

    Thru-bolts optional

  • Door Range

    Up to 180 degrees

  • Door Preparation

    9-1/16” horizontal x 3/4” vertical

    4-Hole mounting location

    Retrofits traditional closer

  • Warranty

    Lifetime limited

  • Arm Options

    Top Jamb Deep Reveal – DC100101 AL, DC100134 DURO

    Friction Hold Open – DC100097 AL, DC100098 DURO

  • Back Plate

    DC100131 AL, DC100132 DURO

    For top jamb mount where overhead ceiling clearance is less than 2-3/4”

    Or for regular mount to clear a mortised stop/holder.

  • Drop Plate

    DC100100 (AL) DC100129 (Duro)

    For top jamb mount when overhead ceiling clearance is less than 1-7/8”

    Provides clearance for overhead holder.

    Permits parallel arm installation on doors with a minimum top rail of 2-1/2”.

  • Parallel Arm Bracket

    DC100117 (AL) DC100192 (Duro)

    Used when mounting as parallel arm with regular main arm and plunger hold open arm.

  • Friction Hold Open Bracket

    DC100225 (AL)

    Used when mounting parallel arm or friction hold open (FHO) arm.

  • Thru-bolts

    SNB1 – DC100222 AL, DC100095 DURO
    Sex nuts with machine screws for 1-3/4” (44 mm) door.

    SNB2 – DC100089 (AL) DC100203 (Duro)
    Sex nuts with machine screws for 1-3/8” (35 mm) door.