telstar door on shipping container

Imagine constructing a building as if it were a LEGO set. Construction crews meticulously craft each block-shaped module in a factory, transport it to a building site, and snap it into place quickly and effortlessly. More designers are adopting this model of construction, creating a prototype for more efficient construction.

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door closers tell brand

Today’s door closers have evolved into sophisticated pieces of hardware. To assure convenience, privacy, efficiency, and safety, those automatic door closers must align with the contemporary design requirements in today’s commercial construction paradigm.

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choosing the right commercial door
Choosing the Right Commercial Door

From architectural trends to technology advances and changing societal needs, the design of today’s commercial buildings has evolved, all aimed at improving the way we interact with buildings and spaces. The doors specified for those buildings play a pivotal role in this equation.

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shipping container door telstar cd series
Tell Manufacturing Simplifies Installation of Shipping Container Doors with Introduction of Telstar CD

Previously, crews installing a commercial door on a shipping container had to adhere to the traditional method – cutting and welding heavy tube steel into a frame followed by attaching the door. The Telstar CD’s all-in-one design makes it easier to handle and install than traditional shipping container doors. After measuring and cutting the door opening, the Telstar CD can be simply placed and welded with a 2-step EZ-weld process.

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Under Lock and Key

Architects and specifiers charged with selecting the right lock and key mechanisms for commercial doors must weigh a variety of factors – functionality, security, access control, code compliance, durability, and more. The overriding objective: Ensure that the occupants and assets in the building are safe and secure by creating a barrier that prevents unauthorized entry.

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